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OPSG 015: Dawn Bowlus – The Jacobson Institute for Youth Entrepreneurship

Dawn Bowlus, director of the Jacobson Institute for Youth Entrepreneurship at The University of Iowa. Dawn discusses how the institute develops the entrepreneurial mind set, builds innovation and creativity skills in the youth to be the entrepreneurs and innovators of the future. The institute is getting young people geared up and educated on entrepreneurship, that is has made an impact on teachers and students. Dawn also talks about the success and history of the institute as well as the future direction of the new programs to come.

OPSG 014: Justin Erickson – Bring Businesses and Communities Together

Justin Erickson, owner of Community Venture Network based in Bloomington, MN a suburb of the Twin Cities, talks about the unique method in which his business connects rural economic development efforts with entrepreneurs who are in need of assistance. Justin has a proven method of increasing deal flow to communities as well as speeding the development timeline for entrepreneurs in taking their business to the next stage of growth. Justin discusses his journey from employee to business owner and what the future plans are for the Community Venture Network.

OPSG 013: Chuck Long – Iowa Sports Foundation

Chuck Long, former Hawkeye stand out and new CEO of the Iowa Sports Foundation. Chuck talks about his new role as CEO at the foundation and some of the upcoming activities that the foundation will be hosting. One of those activities is the Live Healthy Iowa 10 Week Wellness Challenge. Last year 248,000 individuals took part in this 10 week challenge. Chuck also talks about a setback that he sees often, which is learning to stay with it and not to give up when you fail. Chuck’s advice could be very beneficial when taking part in the 10 week wellness challenge.

OPSG 012: Jack McDonald – Becoming an Entrepreneur in Today’s World

Jack McDonald, Program Director for Executive MBA Program at Walden University and an independent consultant. Jack talks about how much more accessible information is in today’s world; which allows for entrepreneurs to make better decisions. He also touches on some things to know and think about for entrepreneurs who are launching a new product. Jack give his input about if social media has made marketing and adverting easier or harder over the years. Lastly, Jack talks about the Executive MBA program at Walden University.

OPSG 011: Mike Hofman – Orange City, Iowa

Mike Hofman, Executive Director of the Chamber of Commerce in Orange City, Iowa. Orange City is a small town of 6,000 in Northwest, Iowa. Mike touches a little bit on how he ended up in Orange City and how he landed his current job for the Chamber of Commerce. One of the latest projects that Mike and his team has created is an app called Orange City Iowa. The app focuses on activities, events, and restaurants in Orange City. Mike goes into more detail about this app and what the purpose and goals were for this app.

OPSG 009: Max Farrell – Dwolla

Max Farrell, Member of the Business Development at Dwolla. In our interview we learn what Dwolla is and the purpose behind Dwolla. We hear about how Dwolla got started and some of the struggles that were faced when starting up the business. Max also explains to us how and why Dwolla came about.

OPSG 007: Wade Steenhoek – Teaching Entrepreneurship

Wade Steenhoek, Director of the Martin Heerema Entrepreneurship Program at Central College in Pella, Iowa. Wade touches base on the state of entrepreneurship in our country and in the state of Iowa; specifically relating towards 19 to 22 year old students. Wade also talks to us about how he ended up at Central College and the entrepreneurship program at the college.

OPSG 006: Joe Carey – Today’s Electronic Technology

Joe Carey, Team Member at Carey’s Electronics in Spencer, Iowa. Joe talks about the history of Carey’s Electronics, what all Carey’s can do for you in the electronics area and the product they sell; which includes vinyl records. Joe also talks about the new product called Sonos; which is an internet based music distribution system.