OPSG 007: Wade Steenhoek – Teaching Entrepreneurship

Wade Steenhoek, Director of the Martin Heerema Entrepreneurship Program at Central College in Pella, Iowa. Wade touches base on the state of entrepreneurship in our country and in the state of Iowa; specifically relating towards 19 to 22 year old students. Wade also talks to us about how he ended up at Central College and the entrepreneurship program at the college.

OPSG 006: Joe Carey – Today’s Electronic Technology

Joe Carey, Team Member at Carey’s Electronics in Spencer, Iowa. Joe talks about the history of Carey’s Electronics, what all Carey’s can do for you in the electronics area and the product they sell; which includes vinyl records. Joe also talks about the new product called Sonos; which is an internet based music distribution system.

OPSG 005: Eric Johnson – Publishing an E-Book

Eric Johnson, Information Technology Director for The Merrill Company in Spencer, Iowa. Eric touches on The Merrill Company and how it is the warehouse to Arnold Motor Supply, which is the 14th largest auto parts chain in the United States. Eric also talks to us about writing his e-book; You build a Business with People and just how that book came about.